Programmatic advertising

Switch on LightAd. Supercharge your brand.

Accelerate business growth and maximize ROI with high-performance multichannel campaigns that reach audiences across mobile, desktop and CTV

A boutique DSP delivering enterprise-level results

Every brand, large or small, deserves access to the best AdTech solutions and industry veterans ready to provide strategic and technical support

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Trusted traffic sources

Access premium and exclusive brand-safe inventory from verified and credible publisher sources at scale

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Cutting-edge technology​

An AI-powered transparent platform with a suite of tools for end-to-end campaign management and optimization

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Experts on your side

Self-service doesn’t mean you’re on your own - leverage our team’s in-depth knowledge anytime you need support

Top-performing formats, high-performing channels

Execute media buys of all types across all sources to drive business results effectively and efficiently

– Display – Video – Native – Mobile – Desktop – CTV

Built to work for you and with you

An easy-to-use platform with advanced capabilities designed to streamline the media buying process and maximize campaign performance for impressive ROIs

DSP, SSP, programmatic, video advertising

Never miss a revenue opportunity

Gain access to hundreds of unique global and local advertiser campaigns tailored to match your publisher assets

Our Partners

DSP, SSP, programmatic, video advertising, ads, adtech

Revenue increasing strategies

Innovative assessment methods generate detailed insights and improvements designed to maximize performance and profits

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Boost content value

Attract more relevant campaigns by quickly and precisely defining your target audience, creating more lucrative engagements for you and your advertisers

DSP, SSP, programmatic, video advertising, ads, adtech

Resources at the ready

Capitalize on our industry know-how and learn best-in-class tools and technology integrations will take your channels and apps to the next level

Streamline your ad operations

LightAd’s platform is a complete monetization solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with premium ad supply to facilitate revenue growth for new and established publishers

  • One-step integration

    A single JavaScript tag provides quick and painless integration.

  • Audience segmentation

    Access an extensive database of segmented audiences with advanced targeting capabilities.

  • Demand optimization

    AI-powered algorithms Automatically update your ad waterfalls and optimize your yield.

  • Higher CPMs

    Auto-bid optimization tools will bring you the highest CPMs.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Real-time analysis and transparent reports help you easily maximize revenues.

New content creators, CTV app developers and established publishers - are you ready to monetize? Talk to us about your inventory!